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Big Sur Elopement | Megan & Claire

Intimate elopement at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California shot by Andi B Photography.

Megan and Claire found me on Instagram last year for their engagement session. We immediately hit it off and became instant friends. They had originally planned to be married in Michigan, but Claire received an unexpected job offer in Northern California. With this abrupt change in plans, they decided to have two weddings; a secret courthouse ceremony with their families in Michigan, and an intimate seaside elopement in Big Sur.

Getting Ready at the Bungalow

We started the day in a cozy Airbnb called the Mermaid Bungalow in Seaside, California. Full of natural light and vintage coastal details, the space was perfect for the occasion. Megan and Claire got ready together and were beaming all morning, just giddy with excitement. It was precious! Megan’s best friend Tori served as her official hair and makeup artist while Claire anxiously waited for the day to begin.

Lesbian couple in matching pajamas before their elopement in Big Sur.
Bride wearing a spaghetti strap ballgown wedding dress for her elopement in Big Sur.

Big Sur Destination 1: Point Lobos

Once they were dressed in their wedding attire, we all piled in the car and headed off to our first coastal destination: Point Lobos. The views were absolutely breathtaking! Between the piercing blue ocean view, and Megan's flowing dress in the breeze, we were all in awe and couldn’t wait to see what else the day had in store.

In true northern California fashion, we were blessed with the most beautiful array of weather. Light rain in the morning, rolling clouds over the mountains, unexpected gusts of wind and peeks of sun and all the right times. It was truly perfection!

Lesbian couple eloping at Point Lobos in Big Sur.
Lesbian couple at Point Lobos in Big Sur, California for their elopement.
Lesbian wedding at Point Lobos in Big Sur, California.

Big Sur Destination 2: Bixby Creek Bridge

After that, we made our way to Bixby Creek Bridge where Megan and Claire read their vows and exchanged rings. Tori (who also officiated) and I served as witnesses. It was such a special experience that had us all fighting back tears. Everything they had been through to get to this point had all been worth it at that moment.

Intimate elopement at Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur, California.
Foggy bridal portraits in Big Sur, California.

Big Sur Destination 3: Andrew Molera State Park

Continuing down the coast, our next stop was Andrew Molera State Park. We made our way through an empty trail surrounded by tall trees. The light filtering through the branches made the scene feel like something only dreamt of in a fairytale.

Lesbian bridal portraits in Andrew Molera State Park after an intimate elopement.
Lesbian couple running down a road in Andrew Molena State Park after their elopement in Big Sur.
Elopement picnic on the side of the road in Big Sur.

Before heading to our next stop, Megan surprised us with homemade charcuterie boxes and hard ciders. We stopped for a little mid-day picnic before continuing on our way to Pfeiffer Beach. On the drive they intentionally played the song, “Eyes on You” by Chase Rice, which makes reference to our exact destination.

"Speakin’ of the coast, remember Pfeiffer Beach?

You and me, that sunset, cliffs by the sea..."

Big Sur Destination 4: Pfeiffer Beach

Just as the song implies, Pfeiffer Beach was the perfect way to end an even more perfect day. The orange and yellow sky created a dreamy backdrop as Megan and Claire walked along the sand. They shared a pop of champagne, and a slice of wedding cake to celebrate their marriage and new life together.

Black and white photo of a lesbian couple's elopement at Pfeiffer Beach, California.
Lesbian couple at Pfeiffer Beach for their elopement.
Lesbian couple walking in the sunset on Pfeiffer beach  after their elopement.

After a long coastal drive back to the Airbnb, everyone was pretty exhausted. We ate heart-shaped Pizzas from Pizza My Heart in Monteray and sat around reminiscing the day. And as it turns out, June 26th is special in more ways than one. Megan and Claire get to celebrate their wedding anniversary on the same day that gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states, just six years ago.

I am so honored to have been able to be a part of Megan and Claire’s magical elopement in Big Sur. I could relive that day a thousand times over and never get sick of it. The intentionality, natural beauty and unbrideld excitement created a once-in-a-lifetime experience I will not soon forget.

Cheers to Megan and Claire! May your lives be filled with
as much love as that day on Pfeiffer Beach.


Let’s plan your elopement together.


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