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Outdoorsy Michigan Maternity Session | Dayle & Doug

Dayle and Doug's maternity session was such a special, full-circle moment. I had the privilege of capturing their wedding back in 2020, and happily reunited for the announcement of their growing family. This soon-to-be-mama was absolutely glowing and there is no question that baby boy is already so loved.

Working with clients who I've had a previous relationship with allows me to create a session uniquely tailored to them. I want each image to tell your story full of natural, authentic moments. For this particular photoshoot, we incorporated a mixture of meaningful locations.

First, an in-home, cozy vibe featuring the couples' fur-baby (please include your pets in your photoshoot!) and then the couples' blueberry farm where we took their wedding day portraits. I loved the subtle symbol of blueberries as a tribute to baby boy! Finally we made our way to the beach in west Michigan to capture the sunset. Each location had sentimental meaning for Dayle and Doug which made it even that much more special.


Currently expecting? Here's what you should know!

1. Schedule your photoshoot around 30 weeks gestation.

At 30 weeks, your bump will be plump and prominent while still being far enough from your due date to risk going into labor.

2. Be mindful of the location.

Try to choose locations that are easily accessible and don't require a lot of walking/hiking. Avoid having the mother stand up/sit down too frequently and take breaks when needed!

3. Make sure to get a few solo portraits of the mama-to-be!

While maternity sessions are for BOTH mom and dad, the one carrying the baby is the main attraction. Plan on getting a few solo shots to showcase your glow!

4. Don't be afraid to show the bare bump!

The changes a woman's body goes through during pregnancy are something to be celebrated. You are growing a whole HUMAN inside of you! Show off that beautiful bump, stretch marks, and all.

Outdoorsy maternity session in Michigan.


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