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Top 10 Posing Prompts for Wedding Day Portraits

Not sure how to pose your couples on their wedding day? Here's a list of my favorite go-to posing prompts for capturing genuine smiles and authentic movement during wedding day portraits.

1. The "Dip"

How To: Have your couple begin to slow dance, (making sure the groom's hand is on the small of the bride's back) then have them lean in for a kiss, and DIP!

This pose will look different depending on the couple and their comfort level. Some couples will really dip down, while others just slightly bend at the back. Either way, this is a must-have wedding day portrait pose!

2. The "Walking Hand-In-Hand"

How To: Prompt your couple to hold hands and walk forward at a normal pace, looking and smiling at each other. To create movement, have them lean away and pull each other back in, "slingshot style." Spice up the shot by having the bride sway her dress from side to side as she walks, or have the groom hold her train.

Walking shots are always in my mix of wedding day posing prompts because they're incredibly versatile! There are so many ways to create movement with this pose. It's a surefire way to loosen up your couple and make use of valuable time as you move from one location to the next.

3. The "Under the Veil Shot"

How To: Hold the veil over the bride and groom and give them prompts to keep their faces close together. Some of my favorites are; Eskimo kisses, nose to nose, soft kisses on her forehead or cheeks, etc. For even more texture, have the bride hold her bouquet high enough to frame the photo.

The under the veil shot is one of my all-time favorites! If the bride has a veil (no matter the length) I definitely recommend attempting this pose. It's easier than it looks to achieve, and creates a beautiful, textured portrait.

4. The "Over the Shoulder Bouquet"

How To: Direct your couple to stand face to face with the bride's arms wrapped around the groom's neck. Have her hold her bouquet in the hand farthest away from you, hovering it lightly over the groom's shoulder. Switch up the hand placement by having the bride rest her hand on the groom's lapel or on his chest for more variety. You can also have them alternate their gaze from each other to the camera.

5. The "Spin"

How To: Have your couple hold hands and raise them in the air. With the groom's free hand in his pocket and the bride's free hand holding her dress, tell him to twirl her around in a circle.

Pro tip: I usually only have the couple spin once or twice for the videographer. After that, we focus primarily on the bride swaying her train from side to side. This allows you to get beautiful action shots of her dress without her getting dizzy.

6. The "Side Arm Hug"

How To: Prompt your couple to stand side by side. The bride's arm (closest to the groom) will wrap around the groom's arm. Her free hand will then grab ahold of the same arm or hold his hand. It sounds complicated, but the photos speak for themselves!

7. The "Smiling Kiss"

How To: Direct your couple to go in for a kiss but just before their lips touch, tell them to stop and smile. With their faces just centimeters apart, have the groom tilt her chin event closer, but don't kiss! This always creates a playful tease that ends in smiles and kisses and genuine emotion.

8. The "Train Shot"

How To: Have the bride face away from you and lay her train out long (you may need to assist with this.) Instruct the groom to stand next to her, but turned towards you. Have him grab her arm/hand and look at her while you capture the details of her dress.

This pose is one of my favorite ways to showcase the bride's gown, especially if she has a long train. If you have access to stairs, I recommend doing this pose on a staircase for even better results.

9. The "Pick Her Up and Spin"

How To: Instruct the groom to pick up the bride from the bottom of her bum and lift her into the air. Have the bride wrap her arms around the Groom's neck and kick one leg up. From there, tell the groom to sway side to side, adding a little movement into the pose while the bride leans in for a kiss.

10. The "Standard Portrait"

How To: Have your couple stand next to each other, snuggle in close and smile at the camera!

As mundane as this pose may seem, I always capture a traditional portrait of the bride and groom. While the other poses (plus a million more I didn't list) may be more fun, they can be considered "trendy" and used primarily for a photographer's portfolio. I want to make sure each couple has a photo that remains timeless throughout the generations.


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10 Posing Prompts for Wedding Day Portraits blog by Andi B Photography

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Photos by Jen Mc
Photos by Jen Mc

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