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Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration

Every year, thousands of couples head into spring with the newfound title of "fiance." As the wedding planning checklists begin, the first thing many couples are itching to cross off is their engagement session. These photos will be used all throughout the wedding planning process and beyond from save the dates and invitations to reception decor and collages in your new home. There's a lot riding on these photos which begs the question- what do you wear? Choosing your engagement session outfits is simpler than you think! Check out these tips, outfit ideas, and color palette mood boards to get you inspired for your upcoming love-filled photoshoot.

Tips For Choosing Your Engagement Session Outfits

1. Stick to neutrals and earth tones.

I always recommend clients opt for neutrals and earth tones over bright colors and patterns. The goal is to complement your surroundings, not compete with them! Use the natural color palette of your location for inspiration. For example- if you're shooting by the water, lighter colors like cream, ivory, beige, and grey would be a great choice. In contrast, if you're shooting in a field or somewhere in the mountains, earth tones like rust, brown, tan, and olive green would better suit the landscape.

2. Incorporate texture and layering.

Elevate your look by adding texture and layering to your outfits with statement pieces and intentional fabrics. Jackets/flannels, hats, jewelry, and watches are easy accessories to throw on for added visual appeal. And don't be afraid to mix materials! If your partner is wearing a linen shirt and jeans, opt for a different fabric like satin or chiffon.

3. Choose clothing with movement.

Trust me on this one! Clothing that moves with your body photographs beautifully every time. Dresses, skirts, flowy blouses/ cardigans, wide-leg pants, etc. all create a natural movement that translates well on camera. Instead of choosing a bodycon dress, try something with a little more give!

4. Mix it up.

Bring more than one outfit to your session for variety! I encourage all of my clients to bring at least one casual outfit and one dressy outfit to their engagement session. This gives a little more leeway if you're stuck between styles and serves as a backup just in case.

5. Stay true to your style.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your engagement session outfit is that you are comfortable. It's not the time to take a fashion risk or try out a brand new style. These photos will be loved and admired for years to come so make sure you're wearing something that looks and feels like you!

Beach Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration

neutral engagement session outfit color palette


neutral jewel tone engagement session color palette

Nature Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration

earth tones neutral fall engagement session color palette


fall engagement session neutral color palette inspiration

Fancy Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration

Warm neutral engagement session outfit color palette


Cool neutral engagement session outfit color palette

Now that you know what to wear, check out this blog on how to prep and what to expect from your engagement session!


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Engagement session outfit inspiration and mood boards from Andi B Photography


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