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4 Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Photos

If you're anything like me your dog is not just a pet, but your entire world. They are a certified member of the family and as such deserve to be included in all of life's big moments-- like your engagement photos! If you've been debating whether or not to bring your fur baby to your photoshoot, let this be your sign to pack their leash, their favorite treats and let them tag along for the adventure.

Keep reading for a few tips on how to avoid stress + keep your pet safe during your session!

1. Exercise your dog 1-2 hours before the session

A tired dog is a cooperative dog, so make sure they are well exercised the day of the shoot. Plan on taking your dog on an extra long walk or to the park about 1-2 hours before your session. This will ensure they are nice and tired out before you get to the location.

2. Pack their favorite treats to reward good behavior

Most dogs are highly food motivated and will do just about anything for a treat. Plan on bringing a variety of their favorite snacks (and/or toys) to get their attention and reward good behavior. This, along with lots of praise and pets should get us some awesome results of that sweet furry face.

3. Go with the flow!

Sometimes the best, most authentic moments come from just letting them run around/interact with you. There's a good chance your pup will try to pounce away or run off and play in-between shots and that's okay! Those moments often create some hilarious candid outtakes that capture their personality.

4. Bring a friend to keep them safe/entertained in-between shots

The last thing you want to be during your engagement session is stressed. This process is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, so having an extra pair of eyes and ears dedicated solely to keeping your dog safe is key! In-between shots they can walk around, throw a ball or transport your dog back home once we've captured what we need. It's a team effort, but the results are priceless!

Bonus tip! Bring a neutral-colored leash

A brightly colored leash can be distracting in photos and take away from the two of you. Instead, opt for a neutral color like tan, black, or grey to blend in.


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4 tips for including your dog in your engagement photos from Andi B Photography.



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