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Edgy Heartfelt Wedding at Planterra Conservatory | Taylor & Jason

I recently had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of my childhood friend, Taylor, and her now-husband Jason. The couple tied the knot at the stunning Planterra Conservatory in Michigan, which has to be my all-time favorite wedding venue in the state! Taylor and Jason chose a stunning color palette of deep red, black, gold, and rich orange that beautifully contrasted the lush greenery surrounding the venue. The atmosphere was both luxurious and edgy, perfectly capturing the couple's fun and vibrant personalities.

The Planterra Conservatory is the ultimate playground for wedding photographers. The venue is an enchanting glass haven filled with exotic plants, providing a natural backdrop that dreams are made of. The funky architecture and natural light make for swoon-worthy photo ops and a day that truly stands-out.

Wedding dress hanging from a rock archway at the Planterra Conservatory next to a wedding welcome sign and lush greenery.

Morning Details & Getting Ready

The morning of Taylor and Jason's wedding day was intimate, yet full of excitement. The couple got ready separately in a nearby hotel, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Jason, the groom, opted for a sleek and stylish all-black attire, paired with a bolo tie and custom cufflinks. His ensemble was a perfect representation of his edgy yet sophisticated style. Meanwhile, Taylor accessorized her sleek bridal look with an elegant pearl hair accessory. One of my favorite touches was Taylor's vibrant bouquet that featured charms filled with photos of loved ones symbolizing their presence on this special day, especially her Dad. The energy in the air was contagious as everyone got ready, and you could feel the love and anticipation building as the day progressed.

First Look & Portraits

We started the day with a first look, which they spiced up with a surprise "first scent." They gifted each other perfume and cologne to wear on their wedding day, adding a sweet touch to an already emotional experience. These signature scents will forever hold a special meaning to Taylor and Jason bringing back all the feels with every spritz.

Heartfelt Ceremony

The ceremony was the most elegant and touching part of the day. Taylor's father passed away a few years prior, and the couple made sure to save him a seat in the front row. Taylor's aunt officiated the wedding, while her mom walked her down the aisle. As she made her way towards Jason, the song "I Found" by Amber Run played softly in the background. The touching words and meaning behind them accompanied by the beautiful atmosphere had everyone in tears. It was truly a moment to remember and an honor to capture.

Cocktail Hour

At cocktail hour, mini appetizers were passed around while everyone gathered together, catching up and enjoying each other's company. It was great to see so many familiar faces from our hometown and mutual friends we've grown up with. Taylor and Jason made a point to mingle with everyone so that they could savor every moment on the dance floor once the reception kicked off. The vibe was lively and social, setting the tone for the rest of the night.


Dinner was amazing, and the speeches were hilarious. Jason's best man gave a heartfelt oration, Taylors' sister paid tribute to their dad in a light-hearted and funny manner, and Jason's dad gave a great speech too. The ongoing joke was that they were the "House of Spencer's," which added a playful touch to the reception.

Not only was this wedding filled with emotional moments, but it was also a night to remember with its high energy and entertainment. Fun fact: Jason is a guitarist and songwriter in a band so to kick off the dance floor, the DJ played one of Jason's songs. The crowd went wild! It was such a fun moment and brought the vibes for the rest of the night, with everyone dancing and celebrating Taylor and Jason.

This wedding was an absolute blast to shoot, and it meant the world to me to be capturing the special day of two of my dear friends. The fact that we were at my all-time favorite wedding venue in Michigan just added to the magic of the day. I couldn't have been more thrilled with how everything turned out, from the emotional ceremony to the hilarious speeches and the non-stop dancing at the reception. Taylor and Jason are such a cool couple, and their trust in me to document their love story will always hold a special place in my heart.

Wedding photo with all of the guests in attendance with the bride and groom.

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Venue: Planterra Conservatory || Florals/Decor: Planterra Conservatory || Hair: Pop + Coh

Makeup: @stepfaniesays || Cake: @hail_stormed || DJ: @djillee


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