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Meet Your Photographer

Hi, I'm Andi! A Michigan-based photographer obsessed with capturing you in all of life's moments. From weddings to boudoir, maternity, newborns, families, or corporate events, there's nothing I haven't done. I always planned on niching down once I found my passion, but as it turns out, I love it all! Having a variety of different projects to work on keeps me motivated, inspired and fuels my inner Gemini.

Andi B Photography branding photos.

How I Knew I Wanted To Become A Photographer

The inspiration first came to me in 2015 when a friend of mine was moving to LA to further her career as a wedding/ lifestyle photographer. I always thought she had the ultimate "dream job" -traveling and shooting weddings while documenting her adventures. At the time, however, I never considered that an option for me. Instead, I continued working towards my marketing degree and landed a job as an account manager at a small marketing agency. While there, I learned a lot about how to run a successful business, and more importantly, how to strategically market and grow new businesses.

Fast forward to 2016, I bought my very first DSLR camera for an upcoming trip. While traveling, I was taking photos of anything and everything I could. I instantly fell in love with the art and was especially drawn to the subject of people. My hobby soon became an obsession and the second we got back I was searching for my next muse. I wanted to try everything! It didn't take long for my work to spread. Once I started booking clients consistently, I knew I had it in me to turn my passion into that "dream job" I had once envied.

I officially launched Andi B Photography in 2017 while continuing to work my 9-5. As word got out, clients of the agency started booking me for product photography, marketing campaigns, company events, headshots, etc. These opportunities opened my eyes to a whole new and exciting style of photography. I loved my job so much that I continued working there for another 2 years, splitting my time 50/50 between photography and account management. I was successful, but silently burning out until 2019 when I finally decided to take my business full-time.

Although it was one of the scariest decisions of my life,

I wouldn't trade it for the world.

When I first purchased that DSLR camera, I had no idea how much my life would change for the better. Getting to document couples during their happiest moments, with their closest people, makes me genuinely happy! It's a rush, it's a high and it's an honor to be a part of so many beautiful love stories.

My bucket is filled every time I deliver a gallery, just knowing how much these photos are going to mean to the clients and their families. It's the best feeling in the world knowing that my work turns into someone's most treasured memories. Making life-long friends along the way is just an added bonus.

The Juicy Stuff: Personal Life, Things I Love, Current Favorites, and Random Facts

My boyfriend Joe and I met when we were freshmen in college. I went to Michigan State and he played basketball at Central Michigan. One night I had an extra ticket to a John Mayer concert and told my friend to bring someone. Well, that someone was Joe who (horrifically and hilariously) serenaded all of the songs into my ear during that concert. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with his goofy personality. We dated on and off throughout college but officially rekindled our relationship just before graduation when we both accepted jobs in the same city. Since then we've bought our first home together and have been building our life in Grand Rapids.

We both grew up in single-parent households that raised us to be fiercely independent. Because of this, marriage was always on the back burner. Since then, however, we've each settled in our careers and accomplished some of the bigger items on our bucket list. I am now very much ready, and eager for that next phase of life and can't think of a better person to do it with. He makes all of my days better, even the seemingly mundane ones.

In our free time, you will catch us taking our mini dachshund Beau for walks, watching our favorite TV shows, cooking together, and enjoying an occasional happy hour with friends.

5 Things I Love:

  1. My weenie dog Beau. Joe surprised me with him on my 25th birthday and he is our entire world!

  2. Oat Milk Cafe Miels. I love supporting local coffee shops and Grand Rapids is full of them! Rise Authentic Bakery has one of the best cafe miels in town.

  3. Spending time with my grandparents. They are my biggest cheerleaders and always want to hear about my business and what new projects I'm working on. I can always count on them to make me smile.

  4. Traveling! Instead of gifts for holidays and birthdays, my boyfriend and I started gifting each other trips and experiences together. We take 1-2 trips a year and spoil ourselves in every way possible. My job also allows me to travel to new destinations for weddings and events which is a major perk!

  5. Mediterranean food. My absolute favorite, hands down.

My Current Favorites:

Movie: Big Daddy will forever be my OG favorite movie.

TV Show: Schitt's Creek

Book: I read a lot of poetry! Morgan Harper Nichols - All Along You Were Blooming, is a fantastic read.

Music Genre: Indie-Folk is my go-to, but like most people- it depends on the mood (I definitely can get down to some Beyonce.)

Song: I AM WOMAN by Emmy Meli.

5 Random Facts About Me:

  1. I'm an enneagram 9.

  2. I have crazy curly hair.

  3. A trip to Greece is at the top of my bucket list.

  4. My biggest fear is getting robbed (and losing all of my client's wedding photos in the process...AKA a photographer's nightmare!)

  5. My biggest accomplishment is finally listening to my gut and starting my own business!

Andi B Photography with her boyfriend and mini dachshund.

Could We Be A Perfect Match?

My goal as a wedding photographer is to create a judgemental-free space where
all people and all types of love feel accepted. I want to tell your story, whatever that looks like!

After 1.5+ years of zoom calls, Pinterest boards, and milestone moments,

I genuinely LOVE my clients by the end. Delivering their album feels like a bittersweet goodbye and the end to a memorable chapter. Lucky for me, I didn't niche down which means fewer goodbye's and more "see you again's" when newlywed's turn into parents and business owners and so on.

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone reading this blog it would be- trust your gut and follow your passions, because it could change your entire life.


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