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A "Fiery" Port 393 Wedding | Isabel & Brenden

Isabel and Brenden's wedding takes the cake for the most memorable event I have ever shot. The day started like any other but quickly went up in flames (literally!) on the way to the reception. Yes, you read that right... the limo transporting the bridal party actually caught fire on the way to the venue. Luckily nobody was hurt, but it made for one unforgettable day that broke headlines!

Morning Details & Getting Ready

Black wedding stationery and wedding detail flat lay.

East Church, Grand Rapids Ceremony

The Limo

After a beautiful morning and church ceremony at the East Church in downtown Grand Rapids, everyone entered the limo ready to have a good time and celebrate the newlywed couple. About halfway through our drive, however, we started to smell smoke. The limo driver promptly pulled over and everyone exited the vehicle, having no idea what was about to happen next. Not two minutes later, the engine exploded into flames!

First responders quickly showed up on the scene to assess the damage and make sure everyone was okay. The police officers were incredibly understanding and supportive of the situation. They took photos with the group and even offered their air-conditioned cars for us to cool off while we waited for the backup bus.

Despite the drastic turn of events, Izzy and Brenden kept their cool throughout the whole process. They had every excuse to be frustrated and upset but instead chose to have a positive attitude and see the humor in the situation. Surrounded by their best friends, they wasted no time lightening the mood and kept the party going roadside! The firemen were even able to salvage a nearly untouched beer cooler from the limo which was a big hit.

Port 393 Reception

When we finally arrived at Port 393 for the reception, Izzy and Brenden and their bridal party entered like celebrities. They had just survived a once-in-a-lifetime experience and were ready to get the party started! After a much delayed and very delicious dinner, the jokes and fire references started pouring in. One groomsman said, "Sorry my playlist was too fire for everyone..." They even got the DJ involved playing songs like, "Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston, "Hot In Herre" by Nelly, "I'm a Survivor" by Destiny's Child... you get the point! Everyone was having a good time, laughing and dancing the night away.

Bridal Party & Portraits

Because of the fire, we missed the opportunity to take photos before the reception, so we snuck out halfway through for bridal party photos and bride and groom portraits. Unfortunately, the groomsmen lost all of their jackets in the limo along with the bridesmaid bouquets, purses, and accessories. But once again, this group made the best of it and the photos turned out beautifully regardless.

Izzy and Brenden went on to be interviewed by multiple news outlets and relished their wedding day claim to fame! You can read more about the fire and the couple's experience firsthand here. Though the day didn't go particularly as planned, this "firey" Port 393 wedding will go down in history as one of the craziest, HOTTEST weddings of the year.


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